5 things to do over Spring Break

By: Annie Grace Plott

Through the week of April 15th to the 23rd, Henderson County Public Schools will experience its annual Spring Break. These (usually) warm days are filled with relaxation, and for some, celebration of religious holidays such as Easter. However, having nine days with no school can quickly become old and boring. So here are the top five things that students can do over Spring Break!
5) Binge Watch: With hours of nothingness what better way to fill your time than with a good movie? Netflix and Hulu are constantly coming out with various TV shows and movies, the options seem to be endless! Spring Break is a great time to dive into a decade worth of shows and catch up on movies you have not yet had the chance to see. One recommendation of a TV show is Netflix’s new series “Thirteen Reasons Why”. A recommendation for a recent movie is Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. Regardless of what genre you like, you are sure to find something to grasp your attention and fill time during Spring Break.
4) Enjoy the Outdoors: After being stuck inside of a building for a couple of months, Spring Break appears to be a dream come true! Finally, we have the opportunity to roam outside on trails such as the ones at Jackson Park, Fletcher Park, and even DuPont State Forest. As the weather permits, other activities such as camping and swimming could also be enjoyed. Overall, going outside is a great way to recoup from your classes and gather back your strength for schools return.
3) Studying: As dreadful as it may seem, studying over Spring Break may actually be highly beneficial in the long run. Studying a little each day and even doing work ahead of time will allow for you to relax during the school week and keep your workload down. Not only that, but finals (especially for A.P. students) are coming up fast, you may be better off starting to cram for finals now. It is always better to be over prepared than under-prepared!
2) Barbecues: Barbecues seem to be a very big Spring Break tradition. People are constantly being invited or inviting people to come and enjoy a nice grilled meal. This is because barbecues are a wonderful way to get outside and also let you spend time with friends and family. Not to mention you are also able to enjoy great food; Burgers, chips, hot dogs. The food choices seem endless!
1) Spend Time With Family: Oftentimes during school it feels as though you never see your family. You are either doing homework or hanging out with friends and sometimes it can feel as if you are living alone. However, it does not have to be that way; Spring Break allows for you to spend time with your family and catch up on the things you have missed from one another’s lives. You could do various activities together such as shopping or even easter egg hunting with your younger family members. The opportunities are endless, so don’t let the chance to do something fun escape from your grasp! Hopefully you have found this list useful, and may even enact several of the ideas listed. Happy Spring Break, everyone!


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