North students participate in Hope RX Week

A North student signs the Hope RX banner. Photo Credit: NHHS Daily Staff

By: Bradley Cole 

As Hope RX Week runs from April 3rd through the 7th, North Henderson welcomed a speaker on Tuesday morning to educate students on drug abuse. With 80-85 percent of crimes in Henderson County being related to substance abuse, the problem has been a growing one in the community. 

Boulder Dalton, a 1982 graduate of Edneyville High School, spoke to juniors and seniors about his real-life experience with drug and alcohol abuse with the mission of ultimately ending the issue. Dalton touched on his life in college when he found alcohol and drugs for the first time. After battling addiction for years, Dalton cleaned up his act and has been clean for nearly twenty-two years. Since then, he has partnered with Hope RX, a community-based prescription drug abuse initiative centered on education, prevention, and treatment, to talk to youth across the community who either have issues with substance abuse, or have thought about taking up the bad habit. 

“For me personally coming from that world, I want to educate students,” Boulder said on why he became a speaker. “If it helps one, it’s worth it.”

Students, along with other county schools, took the pledge to stand up to drug abuse by signing Hope RX banners that will be hung up in Downtown Hendersonville. The county holds Hope RX Week every year and hosts a variety of different events.

For more information on Hope RX and its mission, click here.


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