North Media Center adopts VR glasses

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By: Annie Grace Plott 

If you have any form of social media, then you are probably aware that the NHHS Media Center has just obtained VR glasses. Virtual Reality glasses are a type of eye wear with software that allows the user to experience a simulated environment or scenario with realistic sights and sounds. The media center bought these glasses so that “classes are able to visit places all over the world, use apps, and use available sites/tools to learn,” according to North Media Coordinator, Jennifer Abel.

These glasses are going to be used in various ways throughout the school year as a new and exciting tool to teach students in a virtual world. For example,  the AFJROTC classes could use the glasses to experience what flying a plane is like. The NHHS Media Center hopes that as time goes on, classrooms will be able to use the glasses for various different reasons.

Just last week, North’s JROTC program tested out these glasses by playing various games, viewing pictures and videos. One of those students, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that her first impression of the glasses were that they were “kind of cool and interesting.” She was not the only one who thought so. Students who have not even played with the glasses yet find them to be a neat learning tool. Junior Dariana Medina says that she has an expensive one for her phone and that she finds them “pretty cool and everyone should buy them.”

Due to the support behind this device, it can be safe to say that excitement for it run on both sides; North’s Staff and students are equally eager to see what these glasses can do. It will be interesting to see what the VR glasses will be used for in the future.



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