North bans sweatpants, leggings

Staff Report 

Dress Code rules are one of the most controversial topics in school systems today. Schools have cracked down on what students can and cannot wear. Every year, students are told they can’t wear certain attire. It’s something administrations around the country get countless emails about on a daily basis.

On Friday, North’s administration made noise and banned students from wearing sweatpants and leggings to school. Leggings and sweatpants is something students often wear on a “lazy” day. After finding research that indicates some students are having trouble learning while wearing such clothing, the decision was made. One anonymous teacher says the decision was the right move “because kids can’t get away with looking unprofessional forever.”

The new policy will become effective immediately.








And one more thing: It’s April 1st…

No need to send angry emails to the administration anytime soon.




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