North Henderson’s Fall Semester Most Improved Students

Staff Report 

Below is a list of North Henderson’s 2016-2017 Most Improved Students. All students were hand-picked by a teacher as their Most Improved Student for the fall semester. Students that were chosen showed improvement in the classroom and growth as a student. A celebration for the students was held on Wednesday afternoon.


                            Student                                          Class                      

                            Envo Tovar                                      Leadership                             

                            Mina Quigley                                   World History

                            Davyn Moss                                    Math 2

                            Haley Phillips                                  AFJROTC

                            Lauren Ward                                  Choir

                            Stephanie Bell                                Math 2

                            Katie Motes                                    Physical Science

                            Simona Espinoza                          English 1

                            Noah Shaner                                 Health/PE

                            Joe “Junior” Garcia                      Math 3

                            Jaime Stepp                                   Band

                            Lydia Perry                                   Dance

                            Rosie Cortez                                 Personal Finance

                            Cheyenne Smith                           Math 3

                            Joel Oviedo                                    American History

                            Eduardo Galvan-Amezcua         English 4

                            Gabby Galvan                                  English 2  

                            Jacob Young                                      Biology

                            Brianna Harvile                               Art

                            Noemi Vega                                       OC Prep/Career

                            Monserrat Chavez                            English 1

                 Juan Zazueta-Garcia                        Principles of Family and Human Services

                            Caleb Donati                                      American History

                            Maribel Campuzano                        English 3

                  Aliya Fowler                                     Multimedia and Webpage Design

                            Ethan Phillips                                   Intro to Auto

                            Parker Sharrai                                 Earth Science

                            Hunter Lunsford                             French I

                            Bradley Lance                                  Math 2

                            Hailey Metcalf                                  English II

                            Brittany Leonard                             Nursing Fundamentals




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