North freshman becomes an Eagle Scout

By: Bradley Cole

Braden Garrett is only a freshman in high school, but that didn’t stop him from attaining the highest rank Boy Scouts of America has to offer.

The North Henderson freshman, who is a member of Troop 605 out of Edneyville, was named an Eagle Scout in a ceremony last month, achieving a goal he has long had his eyes on.

Throughout elementary and middle school, Garrett spent his time volunteering with churches and other community services helping people in need. Becoming an Eagle Scout is something that will mold Branden into the person he will become.

“To me, being an Eagle Scout means you have a lot of leadership and you become trusted around others. It develops leadership and prepares you for real life situations,” Garrett said.

For his service project, which was the final obstacle in attaining the Eagle Scout achievement, Garrett built a playground for Fruitland Bible College. Garrett became a catalyst as he involved 32 other volunteers to build the playground that took over 145 man hours to complete.

“I felt accomplished to help the kids that didn’t have anything to do,” Garrett said. “[I felt like] I did a good deed for the kids, the families, and Fruitland Bible College.”



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