5 tips for Exam Week

Exam Week can be stressful, but our tips might help, we hope. Photo Credit: Odyssey.com

By: Annie Grace Plott 

Next week will be North’s first exam week of the year. This week, all of our hard work will finally pay off and we will be headed into a new semester. However, finals week is also a highly stressful time for students and teachers alike, so here is our list of five tips for exam week.

5)  Get Plenty of Sleep:

The night before an exam every student should be receiving at least eight to nine hours of sleep. This will keep you awake in the middle of a test and help manage stress anxiety. Students perform much better when they sleep for the required time mentioned above.

4)  Eat a Good Breakfast:

Eating a nutritious breakfast will allow for you to keep your energy up throughout the exam. Nobody wants to be distracted by a growling stomach or a headache from hunger and thirst. Oatmeal, eggs, and bacon are wonderful foods to consider.

3)   Do Not Cram the Night Before:

Cramming, or rushed studying, the night before a test can cause you to confuse yourself and get questions wrong that you would have gotten correct beforehand. Studying a little the night before may be helpful, but staying up all night and stressing out will negatively affect both your self-esteem and grade.

2)   Be Prepared:

Studying this weekend and looking over concepts will prepare you for success on your exams. Drinking lots of water ahead of time and maintaining a healthy diet even days before an exam will keep your body prepared for these long tests. Another way to stay prepared is to bring pencils and erasers to the exam.


Remaining calm during a test will be your best bet on getting a good grade. Keeping stress low will prevent students from rushing through an exam and allow for them to feel emotionally better about tests in the future. A good technique for remaining calm in the middle of an exam is deep breathing exercises. Another technique would be to substitute tea instead of coffee the morning of the exam.
I hope that you have found this list extremely helpful and good luck to you on your various exams!  


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