Two North students become Eagle Scouts

By: Matthew Tuten

Senior Peter Keyser and Junior Seth Corn, two North students who have been long committed to Boy Scouts, have finally made it to the top. The two were both named Eagle Scouts in recent weeks.

The Eagle Scout is the highest attainable rank in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and candidates are chosen based off commitment and merit. Only about four percent of Boy Scouts receive the title.

When asked how it feels to help the community through service projects and such, Seth Corn answered: “Well I would say it makes you feel good, it makes you feel tired physically, but mentally it feels ecstatic because you help other people, and a part of being in Boy Scouts is doing a good turn daily, you learn that when you join. Even in the Scout Oath it says Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to Self.”

When asked the same question, Peter Keyser answered: “It’s the satisfaction that you’re helping someone, you know we’re not out there trying to get an award. We’re just out there to help them out and do something good for the community and make them aware that we’re here to help them…we’re about helping people.”



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