North students participate in Reality of Life simulation

By: Li-Chu Wong and Adela Gutierrez 

North Henderson hosted The Reality of Money simulation on Tuesday. This event was planned by Ms. Ferracci and the State Employees Credit Union. Together they planned a simulation event in which students went to stations to make purchases that mirrored real life situations.

During the simulation, students started out by receiving a student profile sheet that contains a made up occupation, credit, education, marital status, number of children, student loan payment, savings account balance, and gross and net incomes. The students went to various stations where they had to purchase common necessities, such as healthcare insurance, housing, and transportation.  

The event proved to give students a look on how real life can be stressful.

“It was unnecessarily stressful. It’s just a simulation of the real world will be like, but in a way it was an eye-opening experience for sure,” senior Alondra Santos said. 


Overall, the simulation gave students a quick view into the real world that soon awaits them.


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