Local students aid firefighters on Thanksgiving

By: Bradley Cole 

Fires that have erupted across Western North Carolina have kept firefighters working around the clock in recent weeks, keeping them away from home during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Keeping with the season, Boy Scout Troop 605 out of Edneyville took the Thanksgiving theme to firemen and woman battling the Party Rock Fire in Lake Lure.

The group whipped up turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a variety of other foods for dozens of brave men and woman fighting the flames in recent weeks.

Seth Corn, a junior at North Henderson, was one of the many volunteers taking their time out of the holiday. 

Corn, an Eagle Scout, has spent time cleaning the firefighters’ living quarters, feeding them on a daily basis, and washing their bedding as well.

“It makes you feel like you have done something good,” Corn said on his volunteering. “Being an Eagle Scout, you should do a good deed everyday.”

Apple Valley Middle students also volunteered their time, with one of them being Seth’s brother, Rily. “It makes me feel good because I’m helping the community that will some day help me back,” Rily said.

Troop 605 looks to continue on volunteering as there are still many fires spreading across the region.


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