NC Report Cards show North Henderson growth

By: Matthew Tuten

Our small town school in the middle of the North Carolina mountains has seen exceeding growth in educational performance that was not only noticed by the county, but by the state as well.

North’s Math I proficiency has went up 11 points, the ACT WorkKeys went up 4 points, and ACT scores are also expected to continue improving. North also scored a 92 in the 4-year Graduation Rate, which is the highest it has been for five years. However, the most impressive accomplishment North has made is that it has scored a 100 on Growth for four years in a row. No other high school in Henderson County scored a 100, let alone for four straight years. Overall, North’s School Performance Grade is a B, a very impressive grade as noted by the North Carolina School Report Cards.

Attendance has also improved, with North having a 94.5% daily attendance rate out of the 1061 students who are enrolled.

These scores only scratch the surface when it comes to our growth not only as a school, but also as a community. Knights like you and I should continue to work hard in order to bring success to our school.



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