North Student Council accepting items to donate to servicemen battling Party Rock Fire


The Party Rock Fire is spreading throughout the region. Photo Credit: Dan Henry/The Chattanooga Times Free Press 

Staff Report 

As the Party Rock Fire spreads throughout Lake Lure and around Western North Carolina, firefighters and the Forestry Service are requesting items.

The student council will be accepting items to give to the brave men and woman fighting the growing fire. The list below are things they could use.

  1. Canned sodas
  2. Gatorade 
  3. Snacks 
  4. Beef jerky 
  5. Granola bars 
  6. Fruit, bananas
  7. Hard candy 
  8. Sunflower seeds
  9. Trial mix     
  10. Wipes
  11. Visine
  12. Foot powder 
  13. Mole skin 
  14. Chapstick 
  15. Toiletries 
  16. Paper products
  17. Saline nose spray

Note: All items need to be individually wrapped to go in a backpack so that the servicemen can carry these items with them.

Bring in your items all this coming week to Ms. Moon’s room (Z-129) or the front office.


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