Students’ thoughts on Edneyville Elementary Building controversy

Edneyville Elementary. Photo Credit: Henderson County Public Schools

One of the biggest topics around the community lately has been whether Edneyville Elementary should receive a new school or not. The topic hits close to home for a number of North students. See what a couple of Edneyville alum have to say.

By: Matthew Tuten

No one doubts the need to address the many problems that are apparent in the Edneyville Elementary School building. The building is old and fails many of the criteria needed to pass inspection codes. Many in the school board and parents are fighting to renovate or build a new building for Edneyville Elementary students. However, the county commissioners question the need for a new facility due to declining student enrollment, to briefly summarize the issue.

Although it may not seem like it, the controversy over the Edneyville School building will affect many students at North Henderson who used to attend Edneyville or have siblings that currently attend. If the county decides to redistrict the school and get rid of the elementary school altogether, it might disappoint many students since the school was and is a large part of the community with it being the last thing the community calls their own after Edneyville High School was taken away from them in the early 1990’s.

Former Edneyville Elementary student Kinley Freeman says: “I disagree with the idea of completely getting rid of the school. I think we should go with the original plan and reconstruct the building instead of getting rid of it altogether.”

The commissioners stated in their letter to the board that if the school does stay in use, renovations will cost $9.3 million and $ 24.2 million if they were to build a new facility. However, the commissioners also stated that the new school is not viewed as a top priority and should consider the fact that student enrollment, not only in Edneyville but in other public schools, is declining.

However, many on the Board refuse to accept the commissioner’s decision, seeing their response as lacking and incomplete. Many in the Board do not like the idea of redistricting and getting rid of Edneyville Elementary mostly because it will cause many students to be bused or driven 15-30 minutes to attend the nearest school.

Former Edneyville Elementary Student and current North Student Hunter Street says: “My opinion is that the community should decide…However I feel that financially we should rebuild all old buildings, because it’s a waste of tax payer dollars to keep spending on renovations. But as a human and community member and former student who spent all 6 years of elementary school at Edneyville and a proud Yellow Jacket whose father taught and coached at Edneyville High School from 1988-1993, we should renovate and add some additions to the current building because that building holds so many memories to not only my heart but the community and a lot of people. The future would totally benefit off the history in the old building and the improvements with a new one. It would be a shame to tear down and rebuild or even discontinue Edneyville Elementary.”

Whatever path the county decides to take in regards to the school, it will affect many students at North whom are also Edneyville Elementary alumni.





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