Colter Bane named Homecoming King


Colter Bane. Photo Credit: Henderson County Public Schools

By: Bradley Cole  

Colter Bane had his Kodak moment on Friday morning as a school wide vote made him North’s 2016 Homecoming King, and the first North Homecoming King with special needs.

Everyday life isn’t easy for Colter. You wouldn’t notice it as he happily walks around North Henderson’s hallways making person after person smile.

At a very young age, Colter’s parents were told by doctors that he wouldn’t make it due to his condition. They were also told he wouldn’t talk or walk.

However, he beat all the odds, and thank goodness for that.

Colter is one of the most beloved students at North Henderson and a member of North’s Exceptional Children classes . He is limited to what he can do, but that doesn’t stop the senior enjoying his life.

Bane is a manager for the football team, and spends his Friday nights yelling at the top of lungs, cheering on the team he loves on the sidelines. He also has a huge love for the Clemson Tigers. If you’re smart, you won’t say anything bad about the Tigers around Colter.

Another thing that makes Colter extraordinary is he wants to be good at everything he does no matter what. If he gets so much as a B on a test, Colter is upset with the above average grade.

Colter loves North Henderson, and North Henderson loves Colter.

You deserve this more than anyone, bud.



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