North Football adopts new concussion technology




North’s new revolutionary helmet. Photo Credit: North Football’s Twitter 

By: Bradley Cole

The game of football has faced the obstacle of reducing concussions in their players for as long as anyone can remember.

You can never completely end the growing epidemic, but the North Henderson football program has taken a positive step towards ending concussions by adopting the revolutionary SpeedFlex helmet.

In association with Pardee Hospital, North has received twelve SpeedFlex Concussion helmets. The SpeedFlex debuted in 2014, and has a flex panel worked into the crown that collaborates with the face mask, liner, inflatable pads and a ratchet-style chin strap to lower the amount of impact to a player’s head.

The most unique and important attribute of the revolutionary helmet is the concussion sensors that are able to send a notification to a coach or athletic trainer’s phone if a player receives a large amount of intensity to the head from a hit.

College football programs such as Iowa, Western Carolina, Arkansas, and a variety of different others have the helmets, too.

North is the first high school program to adopt such technology in North Carolina and has the goal of reducing concussions for their team and taking a step towards ending them as a whole.

Knight coach Justin Clark says the helmet benefits the team due to the fact that it gives them more eyes on their players and allows them to make Friday night’s safer.

North also looks to get more of the helmets down the road to expand their efforts of ending concussions.  


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