AFJROTC’s Bataan Memorial March to be held Saturday

The Bataan Death March Memorial.  Photo Credit: Wikipedia 

By: Matthew Tuten

This Saturday, October 15, AFJROTC Cadets will walk approximately 14 miles around North Henderson in memory of the lives lost during the Bataan Death March in World War II.

Beginning April 9, 1942, the Bataan Death March was a forcible transfer of 60,000 to 80,000 Filipinos and American Prisoners of War at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army shortly after the United States entered WWII. During the long 60 mile March starting in Bataan, Philippines, the POW’s were mistreated and often abused or killed by guards for not walking or for stepping out of line. The POW’s were fed very little and in the end it is estimated approximately 2,500-11,000 Filipino and American POWs died during the rough trek.

Walking 14 miles is only a fraction of what the POWs had to embrace, but the AFJROTC will march for their sacrifice nonetheless. Come out this Saturday at 7:00 AM to support the cadets in their march. Date is subject to change depending on weather.


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