Student’s thoughts on the second presidential debate


Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton at Sunday’s debate. Photo Credit: AP/Patrick Semanksy  

By: Annie Grace Plott

Last Sunday, October 9th, at Washington University the second 2016 presidential debate occurred. The moderators for this debate were Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz from CNN and ABC news respectively. This second debate differed greatly from the first in not only the topics, but also in the questions. This unique format appearing to be more like an informal town hall than the debate that was seen last month. Not only was the hall different in its appearance, but in this debate undecided voters were allowed to ask the questions both in person and through social media.

This casual atmosphere was coupled with the personal questions that the undecided voter audience asked the two candidates. Two of the most personal, and most talked about questions had to deal with Secretary Clinton’s controversial leaked emails and Mr.Trump’s lewd comments towards women that was filmed in 2005.

Both candidates seemed to do fairly well for themselves and it will not be until later this week that we truly see how much this debate has influenced the polls.

Regardless of what the nation polls and newscasters say, our North Henderson students have developed their own opinions about who they think won the debate, who had the best policies, and how this debate will impact the rest of the election.

Senior Lisa Arrona believes that Secretary Clinton won the debate due to her detailed responses and her “ability to remain composed even though Mr.Trump was screaming at the top of his lungs like a four-year old who was denied candy.” Arrona also hopes that this debate has opened the eyes of the public to the better candidate and she believes that Secretary Clinton’s policies were far better put together than Mr. Trump’s.

Although Senior Lisa Arrona and several of her peers believe that Secretary Clinton was the clear winner of the debate, but several other students disagree with her statements.

Junior Lexie Siegel believes that Republican candidate Donald Trump won the debate because he “handled the accusations well considering the situation.” She believes that Hillary did not do very well in combating her email scandal, but also believes that she will win the election in the long run.

As it can be seen from the two very different opinions above, the second presidential debate impacted the ideas and thoughts of North’s student body and each person developed their own personal opinions regarding this upcoming election. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of this election will impact the nation in and I personally encourage anyone who has not seen these past two debates to try to watch the last debate occurring on Wednesday, October 19th on your local TV stations.


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