Cancer Fundraiser to be held at Efitness Saturday

Volley For A Cure logo. Credit: Google Photo.

Staff Report 

North Henderson will be teaming up with Efitness, a fitness center located in Fletcher, to raise money for the continuous fight against cancer.

Efitness will be a hosting a TXR Workout Saturday, October 1st from 1 PM to 1 AM in association with Volley For The Cure. The cost for the event is $20 and participants will also receive a Volley For A Cure T-Shirt.

All profits will be donated directly to cancer research organizations including Vs Cancer, whose goal is to cure kids cancer, and money will also be going to the American Cancer Society, whose goal is to cure breast cancer.

To secure a spot for the event, contact Elijah and Tammy Askew at 828-684-4717, or Sue Moon at 828-697-4500.

If needed, you can find directions to Efitness here.



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