Student News: Pep rally schedule for Friday, blackout vs. Hendersonville and more

By: Staff Report 

There’s quite a few things going on for North Henderson students in the next few days. Catch up on it here:

New style of Pep Rally’s: 

A new era has dawned in for North football, and so has the pep rally that prepares the student body for the biggest games of the season.

Tomorrow’s first pep rally of the year will be at the football stadium tomorrow morning instead of in the gymnasium, which was the traditional location for pep rallies in previous years. The event will start at 9:00 am.

The change comes after the leadership class at North wanted to get a wider audience at school events. “We thought putting [the pep rally] outside would get more student involvement. We want people to want to come,” junior class president Miranda Burleson said.

The unique event will feature new games, pep talks from coaches, and routines from the cheerleaders and dancers.

Student section for Friday: 

Photo Credit: Miranda Burleson/Brandon Netto 

North’s big game against Hendersonville will also be a blackout for students in the student section. Throughout the day, you are encouraged to wear solid purple and drink the purple juice that will be provided by the school, but wear black and bring your school pride as the game starts at 7:30 p.m.

Scholar-Athlete Essay Contest:

The NCHSAA is offering a essay contest for scholar-athletes that participate in at least one NCHSAA-sanctioned sport. The Deadline for submission is 11:59pm, September 30, 2016 and the winning essays will be announced on or before 5:00pm October 7, 2016. For more information visit this link:

Mountain State Fair starts this weekend: 

The well-known Mountain State Fair starts tomorrow night. There will be free admission for high school students, as well for kids at least attending Kindergarten. The event will last ten days and will be open until 1 a.m.

T-Shirt Sale: 

You can buy these T-Shirts (pictured below) tomorrow at lunch for $8 each.

Photo Credit: Hunter Street

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