North To Hold First FCA Meeting Tomorrow


FCA Logo Photo Credit:

By: Hunter Street

One of North’s most active clubs is FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA is a non-denominational Christian sports ministry that focuses on Coaches, Campus, Camp and Community ministry. Most meetings for North’s fellowship occur on Thursday mornings around 7:30 in various classrooms.

Senior, Will Baldwin gave us three reasons why students should attend the weekly meetings. “North Students should go to FCA for three primary reasons; meet and get to know new members of the North family, learn about and grow in Christ alongside classmates, and starting this year we’re going to really be making an effort to get out in the community and give back.”

Additionally, Junior Bailey Schenimann said it’s fun because “It’s a group of kids that want to serve the Lord together in a public setting. It’s nice to know the other Christians at North” We also asked Kinley Freeman (Jr.) how she got into FCA. She said “I got involved in FCA when I was in middle school and continued participating as a high schooler. I heard about it from my older friends and they invited me to join”.

If you would like to join FCA, their first meeting is tomorrow, September 8th, at 7:30 in Coach Uy’s room. It isn’t a requirement to attend this meeting in order to participate and attend others. 


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