Get to know North Henderson’s DECA Club

By: Matthew Tuten

One of North Henderson’s larger and well-known clubs is the DECA Club. DECA was founded with the purpose of preparing young individuals for the marketing and business world. DECA is a great program for newcomers that are interested in going into a career in business after graduating. 

The DECA Club engages in activities such as competitions, community volunteering, and participating in something known as “power trips” for members of the club. There are three competitions in DECA which are district, state and even international which further prepares members for life in the business world. When asking DECA member and leader Maria Vera on how DECA has benefited her, she answered: “DECA has benefitted me in many ways, and for that I am very thankful, but if I had to choose one I would have to say my social skills. The organization has helped me grow on my social skills and with that I have made connections with some really great people. Which is just great.”

DECA students Madison Russell, Maria Vera and Natalia Mendoza showing what DECA is about. Photo Credit: Maria Vera

To join DECA, come to room X128 this Thursday, September 8 for the first meeting of the year. It is recommended that you have taken a marketing class before joining, however, anyone with an interest in business life is welcomed.



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