North lead’s County in Student Growth in 2015-2016

By: Hunter Street & Brad Cole

Every student who went to North in 2015-2016 knows what they made on their final report card to end last school year. Now, North Henderson itself will begin receiving information on what their grades were for the 2015-2016 school year.

The official report per school doesn’t come out until October, but the growth index did in the accountability results that was released on September 1st. North led all schools in the county with a growth index of 15.23. North Henderson feeder Edneyville Elementary was ahead of all 12 other elementary schools with a 5.44 growth index score. North Henderson also led North Carolina and was third in the state in school growth.

The growth for the school comes after new technology tools were implied in the last year such as Quizlet Live, Kahoot and Google Classroom, which are all students friendly apps for learning. “Technology has been a big part of our [growth] inside the classroom”, North principal John Shepard said. Shepard also said North’s teachers’ visions have also been the driving force for the growth.

The Henderson County Public School district itself improved as well with a 70.5 percent in proficiency composite. Fifth grade Science went up 11 percentage points, Eighth grade Math up seven percentage points as well as Math I, and Eighth grade Reading is up six percentage points.


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