Chromebooks an advantage to Students and Teachers


By Matthew Tuten

A new edition to North Henderson’s School Supplies is the Google Chromebook. The Chromebook is a laptop that fits the purpose of North Henderson’s online school system which includes features and apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Photos, etc.

The Purchasing of the Chromebooks is a giant financial leap in education as we can see above in the graph provided by Gatehouse Media, the spending on education has gone from 33% to  48% from last year. Although this budget growth is good news for Henderson County schools, it does cut budgets for other important departments such as law enforcement.

Although some might question the purchasing of the Chromebooks and deem it unnecessary, the only effect that will come out of their use is positive. For one, the Chromebook perfectly fits the needs of students, provided with Docs, Slides and other features as stated above. With the efficiency of the Chromebooks, it will be easier for teachers to hand out assignments via Gmail and the students will have the necessary apps to finish them. Another advantage of the purchase is that the school finally replaces their old, slow and dusty laptops with a faster and newer model, which probably lifts the unnecessary weight off the backs of many teachers.

The Chromebook is a new yet necessary addition to the school which benefits both the student and teacher.



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