Get To Know North Henderson’s Debate Club

By Matthew Tuten

One of the many clubs in North Henderson that I have had the pleasure of attending is North’s very own Debate Club or “Open Forum” as it is referred. The Debate Club is an intellectual hub where like-minded students gather to converse issues that face our society and attempt to find solutions through debating. Topics of debate range from politics, history, philosophy and science however any other topics of interests are welcomed with consideration.

When asking one of the leaders of the debate club Azlan Khan on what he believes is the purpose of the club on a personal level, he answered: “The purpose of debate club on the individual level is to make you question your beliefs. Today’s society has a very one sided mind, the people are unwilling to listen to the opinions of those who don’t agree with them. Debate Club is a place where people can voice their beliefs, but the environment is different so instead of getting shut down for their opinion, they’re appreciated…”

To join Debate Club, you do not need to sign up for a membership or pay any money, all you have to do is walk into Mrs. Durant’s Room in Z121 on Wednesday’s after school. Anyone and Everyone who wishes to intellectually converse is welcomed.


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