Box score: Women’s tennis against Polk


By: Staff Report 

The North Henderson women’s tennis team went up against Polk County yesterday afternoon. The team dropped their first match of the year by a score of 9-0.

A full box score of Monday’s match is below.

Singles Matches 

Hannah Jenne (Polk) defeat Brittany Brewer 10-1; Tana Harris (Polk) defeat Breanna Slagle 10-3; Haven Dufford (Polk) defeat Skyla Justice 10-5; Alicia Twitty (Polk) defeat Sophia Cruz 10-8; Bella Marino (Polk) defeat Adela Gutierrez 10-6; Ava Marino (Polk) D. Mitali Merchant 10-3.

Doubles Matches 

Jenne-Harris (Polk) defeat Brewer-Slagle 8-0; Dufford-B. Marino (Polk) defeat Justice-Cruz 8-2; Twitty-Madi Pruett (Polk) defeat Gutierrez-Merchant 8-6.


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