5 Tips for New Knights

By: Matthew Tuten
One of the page-turners to the next chapter of your life is entering High School where you not only learn new fields of education, but also truly learn how to prepare for college life and so on. However your Freshman year can be fun but also nerve-racking where you experience somewhat of a pseudo culture shock especially on the first week, thus is the reason why I am bringing you five tips on how to thrive and survive your Freshmen Year.

1. Don’t Over Pack

My first advice would be to pack conservatively and efficiently. One of the easiest ways to spot a freshman in school is seeing students with a large and heavy backpack strapped around their backs as if they are spending a week camping in the Nature Trail, however don’t sweat it, everybody has done this including me. I remember two years ago when I was a freshman I carried around four 2-inch binders, 6 College-Ruled Notebooks, millions of writing utensils and 3 pounds worth of notebook paper, in the end all I needed was two binders, a couple folders, 3 notebooks and some lined paper. However what you need might vary depending on what classes you take but trust me, carrying around a light backpack with necessary items is much more comfortable since it takes a lot of weight off your back both mentally and physically.

2. Go To Freshman Orientation

This might sound like I’m spewing out propaganda from the Staff Office to come to the Orientation however I really mean it. I was very hesitant to go to the orientation when I was a freshmen however I ended up being glad I came since I had the advantage of knowing the halls of NHHS before the First Day, on top of also having a good time and making some new friends. It was easy to spot those who came because they were more confident in where they went and what they were doing on the first day as opposed to those who skipped who ran around the school like headless chickens that escaped from one of the Edneyville’s Farms. Yes, you’ll have to wake up a little bit earlier and yes your parents will have to drive you to the school but trust me, in the End it’s totally worth it.

3. Make Friends with Upperclassmen

One of the easiest ways to adjust to High School Life is to make friends with someone that is used to it. Having a Friend in a higher class means they’ll be able to guide you and help you out through your freshmen year while also introducing you to new things you might enjoy. I remember when I was a freshmen my older friends helped me out a lot as far as where to go if I need something or what to do if I want to do something. Through my older friends I was also able to participate in multiple school events and clubs thus in turn making my freshmen year more memorable for the good.

4. Don’t be intimidated

NHHS is a place to learn and have fun while doing so, no one is out to get you and no, there is no such thing as “Freshmen Friday’s.” The easiest way to fit in and not be awkward is to be confident, relaxed but also outgoing and not afraid to ask questions. If you possess these personalities then you’ll adjust to NHHS life easily and make a lot more friends. Being intimidated and unconfident only affects you and your time in NHHS, so just be yourself which leads me to my next tip.

5. Be Yourself

I don’t mean to go on a philosophical and grandfatherly lecture but I see this all the time with Freshmen. I always see Freshmen who are eager to fit in try to be and act like something they’re not, however when doing this, the only person you are fooling is yourself. The best way to make friends and have an organic lifestyle in NHHS is to be yourself as in don’t be afraid of you are because being yourself is much more enjoyable than trying to act like something you’re not.
Well that concludes all the immediate tips I have for surviving your Freshman Year, however if you have any more questions, just stop me or anybody else in the Hallway and we’ll answer them to the best of our abilities. Remember, NHHS is a great community full of good people whose goal is to make our school proud, Go Knights!

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